Frequently Asked Questions

Why Essay Writing Online?
Question. What is the speciality of Essay Writing Online?
Answer. At Essay Writing Online, you get professional, original and customized quality in essay writing at low and affordable prices. We are a bunch of retired professors and ex-faculty members and we hail from leading IVY universities. The writers in our circle hold distinguishable qualifications such as PhDs and we are committed to the cause of helping out students through our experience. We do essay writing and rewriting at reasonable prices.
Question. Why should a student prefer buying essays from Essay Writing Online?
  • Answer.Essay Writing Online provides you many good reasons to opt for your essay writing assignments. They are: We offer essay writing services at the lowest prices on the web i.e. just $12.95 per page. (LOWEST on the web GUARANTEED!!!)
  • We have qualified writers such as those with Master's and PhD degrees.
  • We can write essays on just about any topic and major..
  • Since our essays are purely custom-written, that's why they can be run through any plagiarism detection software without any fear of detection.
  • Only we offer title page, bibliography & references, formatting service (in APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard style or any other), shipment facility and revision facility entirely free of cost.
Question. What is the impression of students about your service?

Answer. We have 20,376 devoted customers, the numbers of which are growing day by day. We get lots of gratitude mails from the students who are able to successfully submit their essays and have them accepted. We respect their privacy and need for anonymity, therefore, we can't disclose all the names without permission. Given underneath are the unedited impressions of some of the customers who have allowed us to publish their names:

"It's amazing Man! I was unable to locate any books in the library on my topic. Thanx for writing the essay so perfectly. The APA styling has really saved my time." Andrew Jacob

"Got the essay today through e-mail. ? I was getting worried, as I have to submit it tomorrow. I 'm glad that your writer has kept all my specifications in mind while writing. I’ ll also be placing an essay order shortly for my history assignment." Tim Lawrence

“Finding your site has been a real lucky break for me as I am plainly not good at writing. After reviewing my order, I can see that you have covered all the points that I had in mind. Thank you!” Nicky C. Perrie

Question. I am a UK-based student. Can you manage to write an essay for me in British English?
Answer. We sure can! No matter what your geographical location is, at Essay Writing Online, the writers can accommodate all the ethnical and lingual requirements and touches of your particular geographic domain. Apart from US-based students, we have also written essays for students from Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland etc.
Question. The topic of my essay is quite difficult and it has particular research requirements. Can you help me with my essay?

Answer. You don't have to worry! No matter how difficult your topic is or how particular your research requirements are, our writers are capable and qualified enough to handle them. We provide 100% Money-Back Guarantee, in case we are unable to write an essay. We are this sure of our own efficiency and experience in essay writing.

Price and Delivery
Question. What are the prices at Essay Writing Online? Do you offer any Free features?
Answer. Essay Writing Online provides custom essay writing services at a rate of $12.95 per page, which is inclusive of various Free features. We can handle urgent orders as well. See the full details from below. Please go through our Price structure as given below:
  • 7 days
  • 5 days
  • 3 days
  • 24 hours
  • 12 hours
Price Per Page
  • $12.95 per page
  • $14.95 per page
  • $18.95 per page
  • $34.95 per page
  • $40.95 per page

$12.95 per page

Delivery in 7 days


$14.95 per page

Delivery in 5 days


$34.95 per page

Delivery in 3 days


$40.95 per page

12 hours

Features (with both regular and urgent orders)

Free Title Page

Free References and Bibliography)

Free Formatting Facility (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard style, or any other)

Free Research

Free Shipment (worth $5, now for Free)

Free Revision Facility (in case of a discrepancy in the original order requirements)

Free Order Status Tracking Facility

Question. What is your delivery time and delivery process?
Answer. We deliver the final order on the evening of the deadline specified by you. Our regular delivery time is 4 days and above.

Your final essay document would be delivered:

  • As an e-mail attachment.
  • In MS Word format.
  • Consisting of 250 words per page (in the appropriate format i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard or any other)
  • As a fully Proofread document.
  • As a fully proofread document.
Question. What are the things that are included in my order?
Answer.Your final essay order would be inclusive of not only the full reference work but also of the following items:
  • Free Title Page.
  • Free Reference and Bibliography.
  • Free Research Work
  • Free Formatting Services (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard or specified by you).
  • Free Shipment.
Question. What are the formats in which you can deliver my essay?

Answer. Although our standard formatting service is available in APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard formats, we can format your essay in your desired format as well, entirely Free of cost.

Question. In spite of your reasonable prices, I can't afford to pay for my essay in one go. Can you help me out?
Answer.The price structure and the scope of free facilities that we offer is surely the most competitive on the web. However, for accommodating those who can't afford to pay in one go, we have recently introduced the Flexible Payment Option. Through our Flexible Payment Plan, you can pay for your essay in small installments.
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Procedure and Quality Assurance
Question. I need to place my essay order? From where should I take a start?
Answer.Welcome! Placing an order at Essay Writing Online is fast and easy. The following given 2-step procedure defines our well-integrated system:
  1. All you need to send us your essay topic, your specifications and your deadline through our secure order form.
  2. Once your order is confirmed, our writers start working on your order. As soon as the order is ready, it is e-mailed to you in the proper format on the evening of your deadline.
  3. Click here to learn the complete essay writing procedure at Essay Writing Online
Question. What kind of FREE features are being included in my essay order?
Answer.Your final essay order would be inclusive of not only the full reference work but also of the following items:
  • Free Title Page.
  • Free Reference and Bibliography.
  • Free Research Work
  • Free Formatting Services (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard or specified by you)
  • Free Shipment.
Question. How do you ensure that all your essays are qualitative?

Answer.Definitely! Essay Writing Online has an organized and full-fledged quality assurance procedure, which ensures that we not only deliver qualitative work but also continue to maintain that standard. Once we get an assignment:

We ensure that our writers understand your requirements and that they don't deviate from the specifications provided by you in the order form.

We make all essays go through the proofreading process, prior to their final delivery.

We provide you Free revision Free with the essays we provide in case of any discrepancy in your original order requirements. This is to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction.

Question. What kind of policies does Essay Writing Online follow?

Answer.Essay Writing Online follows a defined set of policies. You can familiarize yourself with these different polices by going through our Conditions and Policies section.

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Essay writing Ownership
Question. I am concerned about the copyright issue of the essay that you are going to write for me?
Answer.Any essay which you are going to order from our site would bear your ownership. It is the policy of Essay Writing Online that the essay once sold would be considered the property of the owner and would not be reproduced or sold in any form.
After Sales Services
Question. How can I keep track of the status of my order while it's being compiled?
Answer.Once you place an order at Essay Writing Online, you are issued a particular Order Reference Number. You can keep track of your order through this exclusive Reference Number. This way you can know at what stage your order happens to be at a particular time. This facility is not only free and convenient, but is also functional 24 hours a day.
Question. If I want an amendment to be made in my original order, how much would you charge for that?
Answer.It's a well-known fact that the writing agencies out there on the web treat amendment as a new project and charge nothing less for it. Whereas, we will make any desired amendment or addition in your original order for only $10 per page.
Question. In case I desire an amendment in my original order, what would be the charges?

Answer.It's a well-known fact that writing agencies on the web treat amendments as new projects and charge nothing less than the fee for a new project. We, on the other hand, will make desired amendments or additions in your original order for only $ 9.95 per page.

Question. I still have questions. What should I do?
Answer.Feel free to forward your questions to us through our 24-hour functional Customer Support Center.
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